A strategic plan is a roadmap that articulates the vision, mission or purpose, values, strategic objectives, marketing, communication, SWOT analysis, resources required, budget, implementation deadlines and monitoring and evaluation of an endeavour. It takes your company, organisation, department or new project from where it is now to where you would like it to be.

The main difference between a strategic plan and business plan is that a strategic plan is formulated for an existing organisation whereas a business plan is for a new entrepreneurial endeavour. Eska Consult works with companies to formulate strategic plans and the narrative sections of a business plan, i.e. without the financial plan.

Before embarking on a new programme or business, strategic planning adds great value in deciding on and clarifying the path ahead to ensure the maximum chance of success. I have seen many consultants starting their companies with creating a website before drawing up their business plans. As a result of this their website copy is not an accurate reflection of their strategic intent and needs to be edited.

The services I provide in this area are:

  • Strategic plans for a new department, programme or project
  • Narrative sections of a business plan
  • Business canvases or lean canvases
  • Pitch decks