Corporate Communication

Communication is an exchange of information and is an expression of an organisation’s brand, i.e. its vision, mission, values and culture. The aim of corporate communication is to build mutually beneficial relationships with an organisation’s internal and external key stakeholders. Internal stakeholders, e.g. employees, board members. External stakeholders, e.g. suppliers, investors, potential sponsors, professional associations, the media and communities whom your product or service has an impact on. Many ask what the difference is between corporate communication and marketing. The main difference is the target audience. Corporate communication focuses on key stakeholders and marketing is targeted at customers.
Does your business or organisation have a communication plan?
A communication plan covers: aim, objectives, key stakeholder mapping, key messages, communication channels (newsletters, intranet, events, etc.), communication calendar, monitoring and evaluation, crisis communication. It is integrated with the strategic plan of an organisation providing a clear roadmap on building key stakeholder relationships.
  • Communication plans
  • Success Stories booklets
  • Special reports
  • Media releases
  • Conference rapporteur
  • Induction and training videos (select clients)

Invest in your communication with key stakeholders and you will reap the rewards of increased brand equity, goodwill, referrals and profits.